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Firmware too large for project?

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  • Firmware too large for project?

    Since EA9 v6.50, firmware files have ballooned in size. The .eas9 USB files were 26 MB, now they are 53, and trying to load from a USB drive requires loading the firmware and project separately to avoid "not enough memory" errors. When I write from a PC, it shows only 8.9 MB available, with the project 325% of available. Clearing memory and performing factory reset does not resolve the issue. What is going on?
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    I suggest you call Tech Support. The firmware has not changed in size.

    Some observations: 1) Your Fonts make up are taking up 17MB of your project size, 2) Your SD card looks like it is 8 MB. You need to increase your SD Card size to handle that many different fonts.


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      Have you checked for infection or corruption? HDD failing? Maybe do a S.M.A.R.T. check.


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        Nothing with my computer. Looks like, once a project is loaded, the programming software thinks the remaining free space is the total available, and prevents writing a project until the memory is cleared. We'll see what Tech Support thinks.