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PLC-498 errors, looking for sample code for Micro820

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  • PLC-498 errors, looking for sample code for Micro820

    Hello, having some issues on a Micro820 to a EA9-T8CL panel. Pops up with an error "PLC-498" "0x050000" on the screen, it seems like it's not communicating properly, dropping 2 bytes of data in the error screen. Made a simple program on the 820 with a closed input to energize a coil that I tagged for the HMI to pick up on an indicator light.

    HMI will not pick it up, set the IP addresses on the same first 3 subsets of IPA, SN & DG for the PLC & HMI, PC is able to talk to both on the switch...

    Am I making a mistake on the tags? Tags are the same in CCW as on the HMI, did export/import & manual, checked the data type, etc. still no luck.

    Does someone have a sample of a ladder rung, variable table for tag(s) & HMI tag(s) with some configuration settings they would be willing to share for a Micro820 or similar? If I can get them talking I can take care of the rest of what I need to but I'm stumped at the moment.

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    Bear with me as I am not in front of any gear at the moment.
    Are the tags from the PLC project global tags or local tags? If I remember correctly, the tags must be global for the C-More to access them. I don’t believe the panel can access local tags.
    Can you attach a notepad document that has your tag name database pasted into it? That way, this crazy bunch of programmers in here can get some eyes on it.


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      Boom, solved!

      The issue was two-fold, addresses needed to be in global variables & I was changing the address to the PLC, instead of the tag name.

      Thanks a million!