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Remote Access of EA9 not switching entire screen

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  • Remote Access of EA9 not switching entire screen

    I've had this problem for years.. Intermittently.. through all the various revisions.. Presently on V6.51.. EA9..

    I'll do the remote access for the Screen, Usually through a Local LAN System, no Radios, all copper and Fiber.. I'll get the Screen One when I Log on to the Panel..

    Click image for larger version

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    Then when I call a Second Screen from my Main Page, I do not get the Entire Screen.. The Screen Shown should be a COMPLETELY different screen from the Main Screen.. as you can see it did not all change..

    Click image for larger version

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    Most of the Right side changed, but the Left side did not.. and the Buttons on the Left, that should not be there, still work..

    SOMETIMES if my Return screen button is not there, I have to wait for my Screen to 'Time Out' and it will revert back to the Home Screen.. Which is my Default screen called by the PLC..

    It does not always do this.. and my 'Recieve' lite will flash about every .7 Seconds.. What is my Work around for this?..

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    First, if you have not already, you should check your project against the suggestions in this app note

    Second, this does not look like an 8 or 10 panel, but if it is, make sure your project is set for the native resolution in the panel manager. If the panel is running at the lower resolution setting it has a drastic effect on remote access.

    Things that I have seen slow down screen updates and load down the CPU:

    Bitmap Stretch to Fit enabled - edit your graphics to be the size you need.
    Blinking Object - especially when they overlap other objects that are updating graphically (dynamic objects as opposed to static object)
    Transparency - Match Background colors when possible and turn off transparency.

    These are usually not a problem, but with this many dynamic objects on the screen and depending on the PLC protocol these could have more of an affect. The shear number of objects updating could be an issue also.

    What are your Percent Quality, Object and Screen Update times? Try reducing quality and increasing the time.

    You can also open the Resource Monitor in the Setup Screen Information Memory Tab and monitor the CPU usage to see if it is maxing out at 100%.

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      And now, the Remote works as it should.. Screen Blasted right in, No Issues..

      Click image for larger version

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        ISP, routing, data throttling, ??? Who knows. The internet is a strange place that is hard to troubleshoot at times.
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