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EA9 "Connected Panel Information" Window

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  • EA9 "Connected Panel Information" Window

    In the panel information window how do I get the Error List to display panel errors when connected remotely over ethernet network? I can see General Information, Memory Usage, and Ethernet Settings but not the Error List. I know there are errors present because I saw them when I was at the panels but now I want to see them at my remote location so I can research the errors and create a spread sheet for documentation of the errors. I have two EA9-T15CL panels connected to two D4-454 PLC CPUs for controlling doors, lighting, power, etc. Any insight will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    There is nothing special to do. If you show connected to the panel you see any errors in the error list in the panel. If there are errors or if there have been errors you should see them unless they were cleared.

    I just tested connecting to a panel on the LAN and have no problem seeing the error history on the panel.