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Event Manager Database Export Issue

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  • Event Manager Database Export Issue

    I have an EA9-T7CL ver.6.40 and when I export the Event Manager Database only 29 of the 57 events come over to Excel and in the Event Manager GUI "Show Event Count" = 51. See Attachment.
    Any explanations?
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    A couple of things to try.

    1) Use the File>Import> Project Data to import that Event Manager into a blank project and see if that new Event Manager will export.
    2) There is no known issue that was fixed in any subsequent version that addresses that, but you might want to backup the project and install v6.53 and see if it fixes it. Keep a copy of the old project though.
    3) Call tech Support and be ready to send them your project so we can take a look at it.

    Have you edited this database in excel and imported it before? Something may have gotten broken that way. Inc
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      I have noticed that non alarm events do not export. Not sure you have? We have 4 systems in the shop now and none of the non alarm event will export.


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        I am not seeing that with v6.53.

        By default, only Alarm Actions are exported for simplicity. You have to select All to get them all or Select to select just the ones you want.