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Internal fuse in EA3-T6CL?

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  • Internal fuse in EA3-T6CL?

    Been at work too long tonight on this project and made a stupid mistake. I plugged my USB cable into the network port on the HMI. After that, the display only works when the HMI is connected to my PC via the USB (in the right socket this time). I suspect I wiped out a power supply in the HMI, or hopefully a fuse. I could run a 5VDC USB supply to make it work, but I want to keep it like it should be. Anyone ever opened one of these up to check for fuses?


    Mike B.

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    I'm not familiar with the EA3, but the EA7 and EA9 have a non-replaceable internal fuse.


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      If the EA7 and EA9 have an internal fuse, it would be a good guess the EA3 does as well. I have not yet have had to take an EA series apart yet, but it sounds like you have nothing to lose by opening up the panel and looking for a fuse and checking it. It will probably be soldered on the board. If your skilled at soldering, you should be able to replace it. I have done it with other circuit boards that have a fuse onboard.