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  • EA9 Update issue

    I think I made a mistake today. I was setting up a stridelinx VPN for the first time and getting acquainted with it. Not paying much attention I went to send program to HMI while connected through cloud(but slipped my mind because it's sitting next to me). It said it needed a firmware update which I clicked yes on and then realized this was a bad idea because I wasn't connected locally but it was too late.

    So now I've got an HMI screen saying "Updating Exec... 41" with the number slowly increasing. Software says panel is updating and starts around 10% then goes to 30s and drops back until saying "Panel Initialization Failed". I cannot connect via USB, but can allegedly reconnect via ethernet via cloud VPN.

    Did I brick it? Any tricks to try?

    Thanks and Happy Easter.

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    It’s pretty hard to brick an EA9. Have you cycled the power. If so what do you get? Can you get to the System Screen. What does the main screen look like?


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      I hadn't power cycled yet. I was going to wait until I got some advice either here or when I talk to tech support tomorrow.

      I cannot get to the system screen.

      I can close and restart the C-More program and reconnect through ethernet via VPN just fine so it still must be communicating.

      I'll attach a photo of the current screen it's stuck on.

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        Got it working with tech support today. Couldn't connect locally with USB on desktop due to a windows update that must have messed with firewall settings. Connected with my laptop and updated over USB. Everything is good now.


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          Good to hear.

          It is difficult to brick an EA9. There are three things that could have happened if you power cycled in that state.

          1) Nothing, it comes up with "No Project". Just start the Firmware Update again over a better connection.
          2) The panel goes to a limited System Screen and is in Safe Mode. Again, start firmware update over USB and you are fine.
          3) The panel says it is in Recovery Mode. Almost bricked but not. Use the EA9 Series Recovery Tool that gets installed separately but at the same time as the EA9 software. Use a USB connection and Recover the panel. This tool only works in the panel is in Recovery Mode which happens automatically if the Firmware and OS get wiped out. Then use the software to update the firmware.

          The USB issue with the Windows Update is a Firewall issue.

          The USB connection on the EA9 is actually a USB to Ethernet adapter and shows up as an Ethernet Network connection in the Device Manager on your PC. When you first run the software it asks you if you want to allow the connection for Public and/or Private networks. This creates a firewall exception for each Public and Private you accept.

          One of the latest Windows Updates seems to be removing the Exceptions for the USB connections to the EA9. So you should be able to go into the Firewall and add the exceptions back in and be fine.


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            Thanks HMI Eng those are great bits of info to know.

            Tech support explained the recent flood of issues due to windows updates and that the driver shows up under ethernet. I fixed the exceptions and everything is working fine.