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    I want to create an overlay (see attached image) that I can put the actual buttons behind to create a more structured appearance. I've done this before by inserting static bitmaps but that option is really difficult to work with and I have all sorts of resolution issues when I do it. Is there a better way of going about this?
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    I do not have an overlay option for you, but I am curious about the issues you have had with Bitmaps, "that option is really difficult to work with and I have all sorts of resolution issues"

    Do you have suggestions for making the static bitmap better and what kind of resolution issues have you had? What model panel and what resolution are you using?


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      Here is an example of my resolution issues when I get it into the CMore software. I think it has to do with having to use the shrink when I bring it in and then stretching it back to size. If I use the trim option it will only show part of the overlay. Which is odd in and of itself because the image I'm trying to bring it is sized exactly to fit the 8" screen. (600x800 pixels).


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        Try turning off the "Shrink to Fit" option before importing the bitmap. I used the Shrink option when prompted and it seems to work fine with your original bitmap once I stretch it back out to full size.
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          I had to uncheck "Lock Aspect Ratio" and "Stretch to Fit" and then it imported with a reasonable resolution. I always thought that "Lock Aspect Ration" needed to be checked to make sure that it wouldn't stretch it out weird but it didn't work correctly.

          Thanks for the help.