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QuickPanel Jr. HMI on a DL06?

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  • QuickPanel Jr. HMI on a DL06?

    We have some donated HMI panels that are "Total Control Products, Inc." model num. QPJ2D100L2P.

    It looks like TCP was bought out by GE Fanuc at some point. It also looks like Xycom took over the line at some point.

    I've also found QuickDesigner 3.7 that looks like it is the current version of the programming software.

    Do these work with the DL-06 does anyone know? It looks like two cables are necessary, similar to AD's EZTouch panels. One for PC to Panel programming and the other for PCL to Panel interface.

    Are these still made and supported?

    Lot's of questions. This is for a school and I'm wondering if it is worth pursuing using the donated items. Should we purchase the support items like cables and software, or just use the EZTouch we already have?


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    If it is of the second generation or later you can use QuickDesigner or Proficy Machine Edition QuickPanel View software, these are both available from any GE-IP distributor or rep.
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