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PC based HMI For DL06

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  • PC based HMI For DL06

    Hello all...I could really use some of your combined wisdom.

    NOTE: I am pretty familiar with Direct Soft, as well as various other PLC ladder logic software.
    I have downloaded Think and Do demo today to see if it is what I need, so I am not familiar with it at all and I still don't know if it is what I need.

    I am looking to create a basic interface for a DirectSoft Ladder project that allows me to set-up a PC, display and keyboard that I can give the operator the ability to change a select few timer presets only within the program. I don't want to use a touch screen and I dont want to use an LCD human interface adapter. I would prefer to be able to create a custom HMI screen like in Think & Do, It appears that Think and Do is not compatable with Direct Soft.

    The system is an automated spray paint line that needs the ability to change the spray time for a series of paint guns based on current temperatures, humidity levels and inconcistancy of supplied paint.

    I know I can set up a PC with the ability to change the presets in the memory editor, but it leaves too much for the operator to edit the program or screw something up, not to mention, it doesn't look very professional.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated, even if it is determined that I am seeking the impossible.

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    It sounds like you don't want a pre-made package. In that case use Visual Basic plus a communication package such as PC-DSDATA or PC-KEPPLC from AutomationDirect.



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      PC Based HMI for DL06

      For an integration project I’m using DataNet Enterprise from
      I’ve set up an internal PC browser page to monitor temperature tags in real-time and I’ve set up a field in the web-page to use for entering product spec info which is written directly into the PLC tag. I set up the security so only the two main guys can see the page with their login ids and actually write to the PLC.
      The page looks a lot better since I added the logo at the top. Didn’t need to know any html! I just turned on logging to a database so when there’s more data I’ll do reporting. The manager wants a daily report automatically sent to his inbox.
      Here’s a link
      It uses an OPC Server, like KepDirect that AutomationDirect sells.
      Hope this helps.


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        kearnysteel, what you are seeking is easily possible.
        • Think & Do is not appropriate for your application. Think & Do is more about using your PC for control.
        • LookoutDirect ($1,295) is appropriate because it is an HMI software and can communicate directly with your PLCs. It is probably the easiest to implement in your situation.
        • A cheaper solution would be to use an OPC server (I recommend KepDirect - $295) to expose the PLC data and then use a handy tool like MS Excel to display and manipulate the data. Once you have the OPC layer you can - at a later time - easily upgrade your HMI with any OPC enabled SCADA system and therewith have tons of out-of-the-box dynamic components with direct connection to PLC memory. But a full-blown SCADA system sounds like an overkill for your current application.


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          The TND software is PC control and your HMI screens.
          Hardware would be an H2-EBC and I/O modules in a 205 base.
          You would write the code using flowcharts in TND instead of ladder in the PLC.
          About the same amount of time to program if you think in terms of 1 flowchart = 1 stage.
          If you want more info or help with the TND stuff
          Don Hill
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            I am looking for control over the PLC from a PC in the sense that they are the time values (V###) that I am looking to change. The TND looks like what I need, but one, I don't want to have to rewrite an entire PLC program that's already been done in ladder, and two, the $1800 price tag is way too high for the one time use. I was hoping for a simpler alternative, and a way that would not require writing pages of code in Visual C++. I haven't had much experience in C and what I have had (which was vurtually nil) was decades ago.
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              Using KepDirect OPC Server and Microsoft Excel costs you $295 and no coding. Only a simple setup of the OPC Server and a query string in Excel. You don't need to touch your PLC program. Just make sure that your timer presets are in V-memory and not constants.


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                How do I get the query results from excel into Kep?


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                  See this thread:


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                    OPC and excel?

                    Just an Update, my project is pretty much done. I just need to do some tweaks, but it is awsome!

                    This advise was way off base.
                    Ended up with Visual Basic 2008 Express

                    See my other thread.



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                      Hey guys, I had a question regarding HMI options available for DirectSOFT 6. I know DS6 is compatible with Windows 7,8/8.1 but i do not know what HMI program I should use. Currently my company uses LookOutDirect. My process requires email updates, remote-screen to another CPU (possibly monitored from home) and text messages if possible. Any suggestions?


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                        Is this HMI compatible?


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                          Found Point of View, thank you guys

                          Will Point of View be compatible with DL405 CPU 450 driver? and DirectSoft 6?
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