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  • Recipe Columns/Tag Association

    I am editing recipes offline and sending them to a C-More EA7-T8C touch panel.

    I understand that each column in a recipe sheet is associated with a tag in the tag database. I also understand that if a column in a recipe sheet references a tag that has not been defined, an error occurs. I believe that the C-More panel quits trying to read the recipe at that point.

    The offline editor that I have developed is intended to work with a family of similar testers. Each tester model has slightly different test capabilities. So far, I am creating tags that are available in all tester models, even if they (the tags) are not used by all tester models.

    I foresee a potential problem. Let's say that one of the tester models is modified to allow a new capability. The recipe editor will be modified to accommodate this new capability. Now, if I deliver the updated recipe editor to a customer who has an "older" tester model, the new tags in the recipe will not be recognized by the old operator panel software. One way I could handle this would be to deliver an update of the operator panel software when I deliver an update of the recipe editor. Another option would be to create a different recipe sheet format for each tester model.

    What I would like is to have the C-More panel ignore invalid tag names. I suspect that this is not currently an option. If it is not, is it possible to add an option to the Call Recipe object that allows the developer to choose whether or not to ignore recipe/tag errors (and process columns for all valid tags)?

    Thanks for your help,
    Hamilton Woods

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    Unfortunately I don't think that this will work due to the way that Cmore handles tags internally.

    I think that the only way to handle this will be for you to supply an update that your user can put on a USB stick and update the project.
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