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C-MoreMicro and WinPLC

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  • C-MoreMicro and WinPLC

    It appears that programming a C-MoreMicro HMI is quite non-intuitive if the PLC is a WINPLC. I simply cannot figure out how to do the I/O mapping. I have selected the Entivity Modbus RTU protocol for WINPLC, but cannot edit any discrete inputs and ouputs. There is also no reference in the help files (neither in the Think & Do, nor in the C-MoreMicro programming software) as to how to map the inputs and outputs.
    Where can i find some help?

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    The Help files definitely could be clearer.

    The only way to get Think and Do tags into C-more or C-more Micro is to import the MAP file that is created by Think and Do. There is a place at the bottom of the Panel Manager Protocol Setup to Browse and select this file.