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  • Forum locking up again

    As have happened to me many times in the past, this forum is locking me out for several minutes.

    See this post for reference.
    I responded to Todd Dice's post about vacuum sensors. Todd's post had a link to QPSH and I placed a smilie at the end - resulting in forum being inaccessible!
    Immediately after clicking on the [Post Reply] button a yellow message [Working] appears and then the forum is kaput!

    I removed the smilie and retried - locked out
    I removed the link in the quote - worked.
    I put the link back in the quote - worked

    the 120 seconds post timer makes it very difficult to respond to multiple posts in a timely manner- please consider modifications for members with ANY post count/membership time/reputation some criteria other than 'posted within 2 minutes' Thank you
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    emoji test

    emoji with quotes link test

    Originally posted by Todd Dice View Post
    I've used quite a few of these for sensing vacuum picking up boxes. Quite reliable. This one is PNP output.

    consistency is not the strong suit today - obviously - that is why I put all this in the 'testing only' forum
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      I'll take a look to see if some recent forum version updates may have reset some settings and also have the network security folks take a look if something may be blocked by updated virus definitions or the sort.

      Loren / Admin


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        Thank you. I have had some difficulty in finding what it takes to reproduce the issue.


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          I just attempted to respond to a private message, and if I click show an image of an attachment enabled, the forum crashes.
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