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  • 404 testing - I can post this

    PackString (PKS) (using a numeric tag) determine the length.
    PKS requires that I know how long it will be.

    eg. If I supply a 3-digit integer, Fine, if I know.
    If the integer value can be from 0 to +2,147,483,647 , I have to test for each order of magnitude for PKS to work.
    Then imagine testing floats....

    Truncate string - remove whitespace, leading or trailing - not inter-string spaces
    other programming environments allow this:
    one or another variation of TRIM, STRIP or recursive test for whitespace and replace

    String handling in P3k requires that you either know or test for string content.
    When packing changing numerics into strings,

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    Link to post containing video of what I am doing to get 404s


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      The attached (.zip) file is NOT really a .zip file. The forum doesn't appear to support .wmv. Just remove the .zip and a video player should be able to play it.
      I got 404'ed using three different methods. of posting - using just the text from those two posts.

      Just NOW got another 404 trying to edit the post above.

      At work on another laptop Win7-64 Pro with firefox 32.0.3
      Maybe it is a firefox thing.

      Nope. IE 11.0.9600.17280 same 404s
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