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  • Garry
    started a topic SOLO Process Temperature Controller

    SOLO Process Temperature Controller

    I have just finished a post and thought that I would share this with the community. Here is an excerpt from the post... The recommended screen resolution for the Solo configuration software is 1024 x 768. If you do not have this resolutio...
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  • damianr
    started a topic Analog Outputs

    Analog Outputs

    Hi all!!! Im really new to AD and Im having some problems programming the analog outputs. I have a DL06 and a 4 AO module. The AO has to control a VFD from 0 to 100% in 4-20mA. Have be...
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  • VB89
    started a topic Configuring Analog I/O setup on Click PLCs

    Configuring Analog I/O setup on Click PLCs

    Hello. This is my first time working with the Click PLCs. I'm using a model C0-02DR-D processor with several I/O cards. My question has to do with configuring the built in I/O on the processor. When I try to change the output from...
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  • skaya
    started a topic KEPDirect installation problem

    KEPDirect installation problem

    I am newbie to the whole KEPDirect Servers and PLC control business.
    But I got an interesting problem right off the bat.

    I cannot run the KEPDirect Server application due to the following error:

    "Invalid configuration detected....
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