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  • DL260 (Port2) to DL05 (Port2) via a pair of MDS TransNET900 Radios

    I am currently having issues getting the 260 and 05 to communicate. I have them networked through a pair of TransNET900s and the MRX & MWX messages seem to be making it to the 05 from the 260 but there is no response back from the 05. The radios are about 3/4 of a mile apart with an unobstructed line of site. DL260 Comm Setup: Port: 2 Protocol: MODBUS Time-out: Base x 5 RTS On Delay: 10mS RTS Off Delay: 10mS Station: 1 Baud: 9600 Stop Bits: 1 Parity: ...
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  • kevgig
    started a topic PAC 3000 Import From DL05

    PAC 3000 Import From DL05

    This is probably a huge stretch, but I was wondering if there is a way to export my project from a DL05 and import it into my PAC 3000. I realize the structure of the file exported by DirectSoft ...
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  • CTRLDPR iBox not responding

    Hi, What would be the reason for the "load profile" box not responding with neither success, nor error? I've seen this behaviour previously, then upgrading firmware helped to e...
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  • seansmallman
    started a topic Absolute Encoder Programming

    Absolute Encoder Programming

    Greetings all! I am a relative newbie in regards to PLC programming, and a complete Noob with encoders. (I have only used PLCs in the past with switches to do basic controls). So, apologies if this is a silly question. First off, I have a DL...
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  • dmyer
    started a topic DL05 PID for Simple Hydraulic System

    DL05 PID for Simple Hydraulic System

    I am looking to improve the control on a simple hydraulic test unit that utilizes a DL05 with analog input and output (12 bit). The typical test ramps from 0 to a couple...
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  • cnewgent
    started a topic Sample Modbus Message

    Sample Modbus Message

    Hi all, I have been playing with modbus - with little success I might add. Could some one give me an example message for a DL05 OR verify that the one I have ben trying to send is correct. Slave id: 17 Function Code: Force Single register Register address: c173 (Octal...
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  • DLance
    started a topic C-More Micro---No idea where to start...

    C-More Micro---No idea where to start...

    Howdy. I am new to the use of PLC's (have programmed only 1 before, and it was probably very sloppy), and now my boss wants me to incorporate a C-More Micro touch screen in place...
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  • parisot
    started a topic D0-05DR will not output

    D0-05DR will not output

    I am somewhat new to plc programming, so this may be a stupid question. I was writing a program and testing it as I went along, everything was working as it should. Then for some reason when I made a few changes it would no longer output to any coils. I opened and wrote a tes...
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  • insightful
    started a topic Dl 05 programming questions

    Dl 05 programming questions

    Greetings everyone hopefully i can get some quick tips or solutions to a problem i'm having with my direct logic 05, basically i want to take an analog...
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