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  • Win 10 C-More Micro Programming with EA-MG-PGM-CBL

    I am getting warning and "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in Device Manager for my EA-MG-PGM-CBL programming device for the C-More Micro....
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  • Garry
    started a topic USB TO RS485 PC Adapter Installation

    USB TO RS485 PC Adapter Installation

    I have just finished a blog post in which we have installed a USB-485M adapter. Here is some of the post... The USB-485M is a 2-wire USB to RS-485 serial communication adapter for RS485 use. It does not require an external power supply or complicated...
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  • DL260 (Port2) to DL05 (Port2) via a pair of MDS TransNET900 Radios

    I am currently having issues getting the 260 and 05 to communicate. I have them networked through a pair of TransNET900s and the MRX & MWX messages seem to be making it to the 05 from the 260 but there is no response back from the 05. The radios are about 3/4 of a mile apart with an unobstructed line of site. DL260 Comm Setup: Port: 2 Protocol: MODBUS Time-out: Base x 5 RTS On Delay: 10mS RTS Off Delay: 10mS Station: 1 Baud: 9600 Stop Bits: 1 Parity: ...
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  • Mike@Forshock
    started a topic Baud rates and Modbus

    Baud rates and Modbus

    So we have tried many ways using many products. (modbus IAP devices) so we are reaching out to others in the field. We have a legacy system running an ASCII type protocol, but the Baud rates is 1200, e, 7, 2. N...
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  • bgirouard
    started a topic Do More STREAMOUT Details

    Do More STREAMOUT Details

    Hi everyone, I'm playing with a Do More processor by sending commands to STP-DRV-4850. I'm trying to decide whether or not to have my program process each ACK/NAK whenever I send a command out to the drive. One thought would be to work off the success bit for each STREAM...
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  • controls32
    started a topic DL205 Remote Serial IO Problem

    DL205 Remote Serial IO Problem

    I have a controller that lost its programming. We went through and reloaded the controller but the Serial IO network did not come back online. This Serial IO stuff is a bit out...
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    Last edited by controls32; 05-20-2014, 09:33 PM.

  • Mink
    started a topic Label Printing

    Label Printing

    Hey All, I really need help. I am trying to print a label using a DL05 or DL06 connected to a serial label printer. Zebra uses EPL or ZPL language depending on which model you a...
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  • ChrisMW
    started a topic F2-UNICON Question

    F2-UNICON Question

    Hello, I've an odd situation with the F2-UNICON device. In my test setup, I can transfer data from the RS-485 network to the F2-UNICON and out the RS-232 port; however, sending through the RS-232 port, the d...
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  • mdawg27265
    started a topic DL06 Serial/Ethernet

    DL06 Serial/Ethernet

    I am currently trying to make an ethernet drop to a DL06 Controller and using DirectSoft 5 (v5.3). First and foremost, I have no available slots for an ECOM on the DL06, and a fellow engineer gave ...
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  • krak
    started a topic Connecting with an Arduino.

    Connecting with an Arduino.

    I have a project where I will need to connect either a 06 or Cmore with an Arduino board. Is there any documentation I can refer to be able to get started with this part of the project....
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  • Addressing for Ascii communication for Multiple Stepper Drives

    I have an application where I need to use 11 stepper motors and multiple I/O's. If I use the DL205 with (6) H2-CTRIO that allows only room for one I/O and an Communication...
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  • JB_Tron
    started a topic P3-550 ModbusRTU error with Lookout

    P3-550 ModbusRTU error with Lookout

    Hello, I have a Productivity 3000 system I am testing. I have done dozens of jobs using NI Lookout and DL205 processors. I like to use the serial link and dedicated PC for the HMI/SCADA. This provides fastest communication thus giving the best chart recorder trace...
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  • PhilMills
    started a topic CLICK - ASCII receive?

    CLICK - ASCII receive?

    I'm new to PLC programming, so I may be missing something obvious... I've got a CLICK C0-00DR-D that I'm trying to implement a simple ASCII interface to (just a couple of commands so the host can query the s...
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  • searchingfortao
    started a topic Reading data from Linux

    Reading data from Linux

    Hi there, I've been commissioned to write an embedded Linux component of a larger, more complicated machine and I'm having real trouble reading data from an Automation Direct "Click" PLC. The PLC was programmed by someone-not-me to send an ASCII string over a serial connection every time a button was pushed. My code would then read said data from t...
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  • MachineMike
    started a topic GSoft and COMM Port Settings on PC

    GSoft and COMM Port Settings on PC

    Using Gsoft, I am communicating with a GS2 VFD with my Dell Laptop on COM1 - everything is great. I bought my customer a new Dell Desktop to run this machine because he can't...
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